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Take a Closer Look at Your Property

Schedule a septic inspection in the Dixon, Rolla & Lebanon, MO areas

Would you like to have a professional take a close look at a specific area of your property? A roofing, HVAC or septic inspection is a common request throughout the Dixon, Rolla & Lebanon, MO areas. At American Ozarks Home Inspections, we offer partial inspections to give you details on a targeted area of your property.

Many of the vital areas and systems in your home exist largely behind the scenes. An HVAC, crawl space or septic inspection will allow you to locate hidden issues that may have gone unnoticed for years. We have years of experience inspecting:

Electrical systems
HVAC systems
Crawl spaces
Septic systems

Even if you don't plan to sell your home soon, frequent inspections can prove invaluable for spotting costly problems early. Call 573-410-0229 today to schedule a partial inspection.

What are the potential issues found in a crawl space inspection?

A crawl space provides access to plumbing and electrical wiring and is an important barrier between the damp ground and your home. During a crawl space inspection, we will check for:

Signs of termite infestations and animal nests
Moisture damage
Mold or mildew
Foundation cracks, settling or shifting
Blocked vents

We may also notice plumbing, HVAC or electrical issues that would be difficult to spot on your own. Talk to us today to set up an appointment for a crawl space inspection in Dixon, Rolla & Lebanon, MO.