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Prevent Mold From Growing Undetected in Your Home

Ask us about our mold inspection services in Dixon, Rolla & Lebanon, MO

Mold loves dark and damp places to grow. When conditions are right, mold can form on surfaces in as little as 24 hours. If you're buying or selling property, mold is a top priority that should be taken care of immediately. Contact the experts at American Ozarks Home Inspections to schedule a certified mold inspection in Dixon, Rolla & Lebanon, MO.

Our team will check every inch of your property to locate any potential mold issues and send samples to a lab for testing. Armed with the knowledge gained in our report, we'll refer you to a mold mitigation specialist right away for targeted service. Call us today to learn more about our residential or commercial mold inspection services in Dixon, Rolla & Lebanon, MO.

Why should you trust a professional with mold testing?

Many homeowners believe they can spot mold without professional assistance, but there are several reasons to take advantage of a certified mold inspection. Hire us to:

Avoid serious allergic reactions
Discover mold hidden in your walls, flooring and ductwork
Understand the best course of action to remediate mold growth

Never attempt to scrape mold off surfaces in your home. Without proper care and equipment, you could put your own health in danger. Speak with us today to schedule mold inspection services in Dixon, Rolla & Lebanon, MO.